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With the use of the latest technology and a constant focus on quality, CAME Parkare redefines mobility to create a higher standard of living in today’s world.  Today we design, build, maintain and sell technological solutions for: access control, to delineate the urban areas, the residential areas or/and nonresidential ones; and high security, for the protection of sensitive areas where the security of buildings and people is critical.

Based on a constant search for excellence and innovation, CAME Parkare has developed systems with extraordinary resilience to shocks and thus meet the highest expectations in terms of impact strength: IWA 14-1, ASTM, PAS and DOS international standards.


Access Control Solutions


Generation 6 range of retractable bollards are the result of experience gained over many years.

The three parts of their structure, moulded in ductile cast iron, are extremely robust. Their strength lies in the use of the MONOBLOC® system. Combining robustness and beauty, they blend perfectly into urban development projects while providing effective protection against ram-raid attacks.

Generation 6 retractable bollards are fully compliant with the UK PAS 68 standard, French standard NFP and have been approved by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

Generation 6 retractable bollards have been subjected to rolling tests in accordance with the provisions of the EN ISO 124 standard and are E600-approved. They can therefore be installed in areas that require high axis loads such as factory yards, dry docks or port areas.



Combining a legendary robustness and uncommon aesthetic, the new G6 EVO bollard fits perfectly into any urban planning and access control project.

The G6 EVO bollard is equipped with an innovative interchangeable jacket system for customising the aesthetics of access points, making it both unique and easy to refurbish any damaged bollard heads in less than 5 minutes.

  • Customisable design.
  • Legendary robustness.
  • Reduced maintenance and refurbishment costs.
  • A unique system of interchangeable jacket.

The bollard is composed of a raw cast iron head, which provides high impact resistance, covered with a sleeve in steel or stainless steel. The new G6 EVO concept makes on site jacket replacement easy and quick, without using any hoisting means.



The City6 EVO totem is street furniture that allows the integration of the automated elements (such as the PLC mounting plate, control devices and signalization components). It is fitted in the street thanks to an embedding base, allowing a 360° orientation.

Its large internal capacity allows the PLC plate and power installation inside (external hydraulic pump, pneumatic compressor...). It also enables the network material integration such as fibre optic converters.

Equipped with a fully customisable front face that comes with mounted traffic lights, control devices can be easily added on for user interface (RFID card reader, keypad).

Its modular construction, adding modules on the upper part allows the addition of elements such as fibre optic converters, additional traffic lights or plate recognition camera system (ANPR).

High Security Solutions


The ONE50 EVO high security bollard is designed to control access to sensitive sites and protect strategic access points from terrorist attacks.

High security solutions are routinely installed to ensure the security of access points to government buildings, ministries, embassies, consulates, nuclear power stations, barracks, military bases, prisons, airports and banks...

CAME Group is the first manufacturer in the world to have performed two crash tests on the same bollard (with two trucks of different types - N3C and N2A) according to the latest international standards (IWA 14-1:2013 and PAS68: 2013).

The crash tests, performed by HORIBA MIRA (United Kingdom), demonstrated the strength and high level of security of the ONE50 EVO bollard, which remains operational even after having stopped several “ramming” trucks.


NOTE: CAME Parkare bollards are manufactured by Urbaco, also part of the CAME Group.

PRICES ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST: every project has to be surveyed by our sales team so we can provide you with a specific quotation.