Coventry City Council, UK

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Coventry City Council, UK

The system encompasses 12 car parks in the city – a mix of multi-storey and surface car parks

Coventry City Council procured via the ESPO Framework Contract Nr. 510 a network of Parkare Pay-on-Foot solutions installing them across 12 off street parking locations (mostly within shopping centres) in the city and surrounding area. The Pay-on-Foot solution implemented by the council comprises 12 separate Entry Lane terminals, 13 Exit Lane Terminals and 26 Pay Stations taking cash and Chip & Pin payments.

Coventry City Council manage most of the car parks within the Councils area of operation, providing all day to running of the car parks, ensuring members of the general public find parking spaces easily and ensuring the continued running of the parking solution installed. The parking solution is also managed in conjunction with their network of Parking Enforcement Officers.

Compressive Central Reporting and system management has been implemented with a network of some 20 users including departmental managers, supervisors and security personnel. This enable the day to effective management of the car parks by providing day to day management reports on parking activity and revenue data, tariff changes, live up-dates and alerts, remote software updates and the network of machine communications and operational status. Automated council staff parking is handled utilising dedicated RFIDF passcard readers at the entrance and exit terminals and parking permits are also managed through the parking system, allowing ease of permit renewals, control and reporting.

Car park customer communication is managed by utilising the Pay-on-Foot parking solutions integrated Intercom installed at each entry, exit and pay station terminal.

Compatible Systems


Pay-on-foot off street parking system


Pay-on-foot 'thermal printer' system

Vehicle Guidance System compatible with all CAME Parkare off street pay-on-foot systems

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