Liverpool Women's Hospital, UK

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Liverpool Women's Hospital, UK

Liverpool, UK

There are two Car Parks, the "Main" Car Park, and the "Ante-Natal" Car Park. Both have one Entry and one Exit lane. Total capacity is approximately 150 spaces.

There are three Paystations located in the Hospital, which can be used by visitors who have parked in either Car Park. One is in the Main Reception, and the other two are in major crossways between the two areas.

The Central PC and Intercom are housed in the Security Office.

Staff Permits can be issued and used at either Car Park, although the numbers allowed are restricted to maximise space for visitors.

  • 2 Entries
  • 2 Exits
  • 3 pay On Foot Payment Stations

Compatible Systems


Pay-on-foot off street parking system


Pay-on-foot 'thermal printer' system

Pay & Display secure hosted software and web access permits access from any computer, anywhere in the world.