Wicksteed Park, Kettering, UK

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Wicksteed Park, Kettering, UK

PKE pay-on-foot system at the Wicksteed Park theme park

CAME Parkare has been awarded the contract to supply and install an PKE pay-on-foot system at the Wicksteed Park theme park near Kettering, Northamptonshire. The system will replace the existing attended park entry payment kiosks. The new system will allow visitors to pay for both their theme park rides and parking in one transaction and point of sale ticket counters around the park. Automatic pay stations will also be provided.

The existing paper season passes will be replaced by proximity smart cards, which are controlled using PKE’s central database of season card users.

The theme park features a camping and caravan site. The entry and exit lanes will therefore be configured to allow the control vehicles towing caravans or trailers.


"If you haven’t been to the park for a while you will immediately notice that our parking system has changed. To enter please push the button and take a ticket to open the barrier and remember to pay before you leave!. There are two payment machines, one by reception and the other opposite the main toilet block c.60m away. If you pay for your parking with these machines you will have 20 minutes grace period to leave the park.

On ride days you can also save a lot of time and pay for your ticket when you purchase your ride tickets / wristbands providing you plan on staying more than 3 hours.  We will validate your ticket for you and it will allow you to stay in the park until it closes around sunset.  We think the new barrier makes the park a securer place for all which is good news and it should reduce the queuing time to get into the park."

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