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Developing Tailored Products

Over 50% of our development and innovation department's resources go towards developing tailored products. There is a continual need to personalise our solutions due our company's international market and our clients' demands: from the needs of large operators and airports to small, unattended remote-controlled car parks.

Throughout this development we still support our current install base of equipment. In other words, the current development cycle always incorporates all functions and is historically compatible with all installed systems, for the current and future versions.


Pay-on-foot off street parking system


Pay-on-foot 'thermal printer' system


Pay-on-foot parking control system, including its own control and management software.


Vehicle Guidance System compatible with all CAME Parkare off street pay-on-foot systems

Pay & Display

Tempo integrates multiple technologies, making it possible to meet the needs of everybody.

Pay & Display
Pay & Display secure hosted software and web access permits access from any computer, anywhere in the world.
Range of accessories including bollards, turnstiles and signs