PKE Automatic Pay Station

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PKE Automatic Pay Station

Built to the highest standards and offering excellent security, the PKE pay station is not just a payment terminal but a complete multifunctional station, with a compact design and technology, a point of information and help and the option to include advertising. Designed to improve the profitability of the car park, it is low maintenance and provides high availability while unattended.



  • 15.6" LVDS Colour TFT touch screen display in panoramic format.
  • 4 language options (defined by the client).
  • IP intercom for communication with the control room.
  • Motion sensor to reduce energy consumption.
  • Embedded PC based on architecture x86 and support SSD for data storage.
  • Barcode reader 1D/QR with capacity to read codes on tickets, printed paper and mobile devices.
  • Thermal receipt printer.
  • Electronically regulated internal ventilation system.
  • Coins module with change giving. Accepts up to 16 denominations of different coins and automatic return of 4 different values.
  • 4 self-charging coin hoppers, two with capacity of 1500 coins and two with capacity of 750 coins.
  • 5.5 litres security coin box.
  • Cabinet constructed from 2mm AP02 steel with antioxidant treatment and oven dried polyester powder paint.
  • AGA 582 lockable door brass cylinder with two anchor points with rod of 10 AISI 304 diameter and AGA-12 nickel-plated brass security key.
  • Security lock with 3 locking points.
  • Micro sensors for automatic detection: door opening, lock, coin box removal, hoppers removal and note box removal.
  • Operating display protected by 4mm polycarbonate.
  • Exterior and interior lighting system.
  • Available as standard in signal yellow and white aluminium (RAL 1003 and 9006) or dark grey and white aluminium (RAL 9006).

Optional Compontents

  • Facial camera, integrated with the intercom.
  • LED lighting indicating status of the terminal.
  • Proximity card reader.
  • Thermal printer to issue lost ticket and other barcode products in 1D/QR.
  • PGCT ticket transport, allowing reading and encoding of tickets in magnetic stripe format with integral laser scanner to read barcodes and the ability to retain tickets.
  • Receipt printer with paper thickness of 67 µm.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).
  • Interior heating and ventilation system.
  • EMV reader for credit card chip & pin and proximity payments (NFC).
  • Note reader, with capacity of reading 100 different notes in 4 ways with escrow function.
  • Accept notes with change giving systems. Multiescrow available and capacity of recycling of 2 denominations, Up to 60 notes in each deposit.
  • 2 extra hoppers for manual self-charging coins, with capacity of 750 coins.
  • 1 multi-valued hopper for self-charging coin.
  • Door open alarm.
  • Alternative colours available upon request.


  • Power: 100-120 / 220-240 V AC. 50-60 Hz
  • Consumption: 200 w (450 w with heater)  
  • Temperature using heater: -20ºC to +50 ºC
  • Temperature with no heater: -0ºC to +50 ºC
  • Dimensions (mm): 1690 x 1000 x 532 (HxWxD)

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