Mission & Vision

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We set the highest standards of service and that is why our customers continue to use us again and again

Parkare’s Product Support Team offer a personal and flexible approach to their customers needs. Our multi-skilled Call Centre and Help Desk team offer technical assistance and the timely deployment of skilled Engineers directly to site, backed up by field-based Technical Support Engineers.

Thanks to its Integrated Management System based on ISO standard 9001:2008 and ICO 14001:2004, the PARKARE management, with the intention of improving the quality of our personalized customer service, has undertaken a firm commitment to satisfy the requirements of both the clients themselves and sector regulations and standards and those applicable to the activities carried out and subscribed to by the organization, as well as those relating to environmental aspects and the care of our surroundings, thus seeking to continuous and well planned improvements to our efficiency in terms of quality and the environment.


Mission & Vision

CAME Parkare sees mobility as an opportunity to serve our society. CAME Parkare's mission is to provide society with technological solutions that rely on this innovation to help to improve mobility in our cities.

In doing this, we help people to make better use of their time, we help our town councils improve traffic flow and reduce pollution, and we help our parking operators to improve the profitability of their businesses.

How can we do this? In two basic ways:

  • Technology and Innovation, in both systems and software, are the tools we use to offer these solutions. We strive to be the best in both and be pioneers in the development of our products and solutions.
  • Customer Service. Our Customer Service organisation generates almost half of our income and represents the true spirit of CAME Parkare. We want to ensure our clients' long-term future, create lasting sales relations. But not just sales - to be more precise, we want to associate with our clients. We have to work with our clients in their day-to-day business and be very sensitive to their demands.

We strive to be international leaders in our sector.