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mai 2021

Reduce operating and management costs, get the best system performance and ensure full autonomy in service management.

mai 2017

Bienvenue dans le nouveau CAME

avr 2016

CAME Parkare has designed 2 Off Street new parking lines that will be exhibited for the first time at Intertraffic Amsterdam 5-8 April 2016.

déc 2015

The competition for parking spaces is so fierce that one in seven commuters are arriving at work an hour before they start work...

juin 2015

We have been successful for the second time running in being one of the suppliers on the ESPO 509 Framework

juin 2015

REINVEL project involves the development of charging solutions and payment devices in off-street environments

oct 2014

Came Group consolidates its market share in the large public-space-management sector with the acquisition of the Spanish group Parkare.