CAME redefines the concept of service and management in parking: Zero KM Service is here

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CAME redefines the concept of service and management in parking: Zero KM Service is here

The new system makes it possible to reduce operating and management costs, get the best system performance and ensure full autonomy in service management.

CAME Parkare, a brand of the Treviso-based CAME Group and leader in innovative and customisable solutions for sustainable mobility systems, specially for the needs of the parking systems market, launches the new “Zero KM Service” parking concept with the objective of drastically reducing the time and cost of human intervention in the case of preventive and corrective maintenance, getting the best system performance and ensuring full autonomy of service management thanks to intelligent devices created with new cutting-edge digital technologies.

“Zero KM Service” is based on 3 fundamental pillars. One is a complete redesign of the hardware, with devices developed in robust modular kits, for a quick intervention by unskilled local staff. The second is a new SMART software - a component that will become increasingly important in comparison to the hardware - able to send data and notifications in real time to inform and guide staff to be self-sufficient in both preventive and corrective maintenance activities. And lastly, the application of new cutting-edge technologies to create a modular and intuitive structure, supported by foolproof artificial intelligence algorithms. The synergy between these three elements ensures a never-before-seen business continuity, an improved customer experience and a huge impact on the  EBITDA of the operators in the sector.

Renato Berto, Vice President CAME Parking Division / CEO CAME Parkare, comments: "Our extensive experience and continuous dialog with customers have enabled us to understand what can really make the difference in our sector and increase competitiveness. The real innovation for everyone would be to be able to count on a revolutionary and self-sufficient system that can meet new needs, new rules and new technologies. Digitalisation allows a paradigm shift to take place,” Berto concludes, “software is becoming increasingly more important than hardware, and the service of the future will always have a central position but will be provided in a totally different way”.

“Zero KM Service” concept is available with the new SPK parking system line. Now, when an incidence occurs, any employee of the parking operator - supported by the detailed and functional training offered by CAME Parkare staff- can bring the system back into operation, autonomously and quickly, guided by the new software which also reconfigures and restores the system automatically and in real time. It is no longer necessary to call the service provider and wait for the specialised technician to arrive. In addition, the new system manages the spare parts replenishment in real time using smart software, which also reports the components wear and tear. This is the new frontier offered by “Zero KM Service”.


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