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Ensuring a positive approach towards parking management within retail outlets can be the difference between success and failure. Offering your consumer solutions with easy pay facilities, queue management systems and reliability means customers are more likely to return to a trusted environment. The facts speak for themselves and parking is a huge factor in decision making as to where consumers shop.
CAME Parkare work closely with retail outlets to provide parking management systems that provide solutions for the vast array of retail developments around the world. The ultimate goal is to make sure the interaction for the consumer is the best it can possibly be to ensure a positive experience. Offering multiple payment methods
Our solutions also offer definitive statistics to help you understand the customer base offering stats on peak timings, frequency of use and many more to help our clients understand their customers, which in turn allows them to make the parking system work for them. This can be controlled centrally to allow minimum maintenance and maximum profitability. 


Advantages of the car park control system in shopping centers, markets and supermarkets:

  • Provides retailer parking discount vouchers (Validec), to recognise customer loyalty in participating businesses.
  • Possibility of integration into the valet parking system (prepaid exit ticket).
  • High car park security level, due number plate recognition (ANPR), and the registration and control of vehicles in transit.
  • Rapid detection and signaling of free spaces (Optima automatic guidance), which streamlines car park occupation, as well as organising it sequentially, if required.

Compatible with all CAME Parkare off street pay-on-foot systems


Pay-on-foot 'thermal printer' system


Pay-on-foot off street parking system