About CAME Parkare

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CAME Parkare is a leading Spanish business group in the automation, control, management, distribution and subsequent maintenance and updating of systems and equipment for improving urban mobility.

Our systems include:

  • Off street: parking management systems and equipment (pay stations, rising arm barriers, guidance systems, automatic number plate recognition systems, central control units, etc.).
  • On street: pay & display management systems and machinery.
  • Customer services: including maintenance of the equipment and software throughout the lifetime of the systems.

CAME Parkare is a key partner in sustainable urban mobility, thanks to its innovation and constant investment in R&D, meaning that the company can offer proven, robust and reliable solutions. We are backed in Spain and Mexico by over 30 years' experience in the sector (Ibersegur was established in 1980) and strong leadership in annual sales and equipment installed. We have a direct presence in the United Kingdom, France, Chile and Peru and an indirect presence in sixteen other countries, which is testimony to the impeccable customer service we provide, at the highest international level.

CAME Parkare is the result of the merger of four major companies with renowned brands in the sector. Mabyc and Ibersegur in Spain, Alfia in the United Kingdom and CAME Group in Italy. In 2007, the companies Mabyc and Ibersegur Systems were acquired by MCH Private Equity, Suma Capital. In 2008, the group acquired Alfia Limited, one of the leading UK companies in the sector. From that moment, CAME Parkare continued to develop international markets, to achieve recognition on the international stage and become a leading player.

CAME Parkare's corporate values, which are based on customer service and care, centered on technological innovation in design, flexible methodology in implementation and efficient after-sales service. Our main tool to achieve these objectives is investment in R&D; 15% of the Group's 200-strong workforce is employed in this area.

With over 15,000 parking meters and more than 1,600 parking facilities and guidance systems installed, CAME Parkare coverage is now international in scope. Today, almost half of CAME Parkare's income is from international sales outside of Spain. Although the majority of its operations are in Spain (59%), the rest of its market is split between the Americas (16%), the United Kingdom (15%), the rest of Europe (5%) and the Asian and Australasian area (5%). As a result, the group has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Mexico, France, Chile, Peru and Portugal, and has distributors in sixteen countries (Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Chile, Colombia, USA, Canada, Arab Emirates, France, Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Romania and Venezuela).