On Street Parking

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Parkare offers the best solution to parking problems on surface area, thanks to its popular range of parking meters, where you can find the latest technology in the market vending tickets.

Our line of parking meters has an experience of over 30 years in improving urban mobility, what consolidate us, with a 42% share of the Spanish market, as the undisputed leaders of the sector.

The success of Parkare parking meters, developed by our own technology, is maintained by the unbeatable features they offer:

  • Profitability, due to the low relation of parking meters needed to control parking spaces (about 1 parking meter for 20/25 spaces), and to the low maintenance cost of the exploitation in general.
  • Increase of the parking facility offer, due to rotation or alternation of vehicles in the same space, which allows the use of Parkare parking meters.
  • Control of each parked vehicle due to each ticket issued by the parking meter.