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A growing student population across the globe means Universities, colleges and libraries have to adapt provisions for this ever-expanding sector of society. This combined with mounting environmental pressures and technological advancements has caused change in parking management at such institutions.
The end goal remains the same however for the consumer. Students require simple, cost effective, easy to use parking management systems.
CAME Parkare have the ability to offer such solutions, with contactless payment capabilities and both on and off-street parking systems, with the ability to provide expert advise on installation and management of these services for universities and colleges across the globe.


Advantages of the parking facility control system in universities, schools and libraries:

  • Support for user-type specific cards (teaching staff, students and residents, visitors, etc.).
  • Total flexibility (24x7) of the parking facility time management (rates, access, season passes, etc.) to adapt to the needs of hospital staff.
  • High parking facility security level, due to automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), registration and control of vehicles in transit.
  • Specific solutions for the integrated management of parking facility areas reserved for teaching staff, visitors, etc.

Pay-on-foot 'thermal printer' system


Pay-on-foot off street parking system