PKE Door Access System

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PKE Door Access System

Parkare's door access system allows pedestrian access for users and season ticket holders with any identification (RFID, TAG, magnetic stripe, barcode, QR) or by inserting the number plate. Door Access Control allows the entry or exit of users on foot to areas with limited access (such as restricted areas only available for season ticket holders), or general access to parking according to the time of day or certain time slots.

  • Security - Improves security and parking efficiency, preventing access to unauthorised users.
  • Saving - Reduces costs and personnel costs, especially in unattended car parks.
  • Audit Reports - More control of access management for both staff and customers.
  • Efficiency - Full integration with parking control system to achieve more efficient management of your business.
  • Flexibility - Adaptable to any access point.



  • Barcode reader 1D/QR, with capacity for reading codes in tickets, printed paper and mobile devices.
  • Proximity card reader.
  • PC embedded based on architecture x86 and support SSD for data storage.
  • Electromagnetic security lock (power supply not included).
  • Technical box (interior).
  • Touch screen 6.5", which includes an alphanumeric keyboard.
  • IP intercom for communication with the back office.
  • Green LED on.
  • Red LED operation (unidentified) and green (identified).
  • Presence detector of the user.
  • Stainless steel AISI 430 painted in polyester and
  • oven-dried, suitable for outdoor use.
  • Ethernet net communications.
  • I/O signs: opto isolated.
  • Option ‘On Line’ or ‘Off Line’.
  • Available as standard in signal yellow and white aluminium (RAL 1003 and 9006) or dark grey and white aluminium (RAL 9006).


Optional Components

  • Facial camera of low latency, which can be integrated with the intercom.
  • Magnetic stripe card reader, central or lateral.
  • Sign or status input of the door: open or closed.
  • Interior heating and ventilation system electronically regulated.



  • Temperature of operation: 0ºC to +55 ºC
  • Power: 93-132/186-264 V AC. 47-63Hz
  • Consumption: 60 w
  • Operating voltage: 24 V DC
  • Dimensions (mm): 230 x 323 x 122 (HxWxD)

PRICES ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST: every project has to be analysed together with our sales team. Kindly let us have your project details so we can provide you with a specific quotation.