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Mar 2024

CAME PARKARE will attend INTERTRAFFIC 2024 with the aim of presenting the new parking and mobility solutions

Oct 2023

CAME PARKARE will attend SMART CITY EXPO WORLD CONGRESS 2023 with the aim of presenting the new parking and mobility solutions

AQUA Multiespacio renews its parking system and opts for CAME PARKARE’s ticketless solution
Apr 2023

Carlos Martínez, asset manager and Operations manager, talks about the experience.

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Intertraffic 2024

AQUA Shopping Center, Spain

Just a few meters away from the City of Arts and Sciences, AQUA Multiespacio is the first shopping center in the Comunidad Valenciana that brings together leisure, commerce, tourism and business spaces.
In terms of vehicles, its car park serves almost 1.5 million customers, making it one of the busiest shopping centers in the area.
  • Client since 2007
  • 1700 parking spaces

Zero KM Service

Madrid, Spain

1,500 parking meters and an Integration software platform, allowing 3 different machine suppliers to work together in the same city.

Parking meters were shipped out in a record time, so not to be beaten by any other supplier. The software platform was based on Tempo Enterprise software to control the parking meters and pay by phone service, among others. This allows the municipality to set variable tariffs in a Smart City environment. 

Sainsburys, UK

More than 200 Tempo machines installed at Sainsburys supermarkets thoughout the UK, in locations such as Welwyn, Plymouth, Hertford and Wandsworth.

Sainsburys installed a parking meter because they wanted to provide free parking only for their customers. When paying for parking you get issued two tickets: one to go into your car to prove that you have paid and another with a QR to be read by the cashiers in the store, enabling the cost of parking to be refunded.

Centro Comercial Chipichape, Colombia

The Chipichape Mall provides a modern urban commercial complex, consiting of shopping, gaming, restaurants, cinemas, gym and a hotel, and is one of the places most frequented by tourists visiting Cali.

In 2013 Parkare installed an Elegance parking system in Centro Comercial Chipichape, including number plate recognition in all of its access terminals with cameras for vehicle auditing.

Components installed:

  • 10 automatic pay stations
  • 7 entry terminals
  • 7 exit terminals
  • ANPR

El Corte Inglés, Spain

El Corte Ingles is a Spanish distribution group that is predominantly based in the department stores market. In February 2016 the car park for El Corte Ingles Madrid Xanadu was renovated, as part of a bigger project running throughout the country.

In July 2016 Parkare installed the first car parks of the new off-street line PKE in different facilities of the european chain leading stores, El Corte Ingles. This business group, based in Madrid, has more than 90 establishments in several cities of Spain and Portugal.

Jorge Chávez International Airport, Peru

The Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima was one of the first in Peru to install a parking management installation, becoming a reference for the whole country. The parking lot, located in front of the main building, is operated by Los Portales S. A., and the Parkare system installed was a modern and innovative concept, incorporating automatic pay stations and two barriers at the exit in order to prevent non authorized exits.

Components installed:

GAP Airports, Mexico

GAP (Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico) Airports operates 12 airports in the Pacific region of Mexico, as part of a country initiative to privatise and improve quality and safety. During 2013 and 2014 Parkare installed it's Elegance parking systems at the following airports:

  • Guadalajara
  • Tijuana
  • Vallarta
  • Hermosillo
  • Bajío Manzanillo
  • Los Mochis
  • La Paz
  • Los Cabos
  • Morelia
  • Aguascalientes
  • Mexicali

Components installed:

Barcelona 'El-Prat' Airport, Spain

In 2002, Parkare installed a parking system in Terminal 2 including 22 pay stations, 19 entry terminals, 23 exit terminals and 5,500 Optima Guidance System spaces.

After its expansion in 2008, the Airport Authorities trusted in Parkare once more and we added another 36 pay stations, 26 entry terminals, 31 exit terminals and 7,500 Guidance System Spaces to Terminal 1. All access terminals were supplied with ANPR cameras, associating all tickets with a number plate.

The Galleries Shopping Centre, Bristol, UK

At The Galleries Shopping Centre in Bristol, parking is easy, safe and secure with nearly 1000 spaces available and is one of the cheapest shopper car parks, located in the heart of Bristol’s city shopping district.



3 Entry lanes (at two separate locations), comprising:

Liverpool Women's Hospital, UK

Liverpool, UK

  • 2 Entries
  • 2 Exits
  • 2 APS

Clifton Suspension Bridge, UK

System: Toll Collection System, based on Easi2 Platform


4 Toll lanes (2 in each direction)

Automatic toll collection machines, comprising:

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