REINVEL Project - Intelligent Electric Vehicle Charging

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REINVEL Project - Intelligent Electric Vehicle Charging

The REINVEL project involves the development and adaptation of charging solutions and payment devices in off-street environments and the development of an ICT platform that integrates Municipal intelligent and efficient management of various charging solutions. This platform includes features such as optimization and versatility in payment, management reserve parking spaces with charging solutions for electric vehicles, and the efficient management of car-sharing of electric vehicles in public car parkings.

REINVEL is a comprehensive solution that meets the needs arising from the gradual introduction of electric vehicles in urban environments, which refers to electric mobility solutions and intelligent recharging solutions in an environment of Smart City and Smart Parking Management.

The benefits derived from REINVEL are broad spectrum and address social, economic and environmental aspects. Encourages the use of public parks, increases the volume of EV charging infrastructure, and promotes increased penetration rate of VE and the consequent reduction of emissions.

It also allows greater use of renewable electrical energy, improving the efficiency of the electrical system, and raises new opportunities such as active demand management or concept of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G), key factors in the transition to Smart Grids.

The REINVEL project is led by TRADIA TELECOM and has the participation of Parkare GROUP. It lasts 18 months and has the support and funding of the Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo, in the framework of the Strategic Action Digital Economy and Society (File No. 100103-2014-104 TSI).